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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Multiplayer Version — Review Part 1 October 19, 2009

Posted by Zev Rosenbaum in First Look/Reviews, Video Games.
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uncharted 2 cover

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the most anticipated titles of the year and the sequel to the critically acclaimed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which was one of the launch titles for the PS3. We will be reviewing the single player and multiplayer separately. Read on for the review of the multiplayer and some first thoughts to see if we think this is a game worth getting.


Sony Unveils New 250 GB PS3 October 16, 2009

Posted by Eli Blumenthal in Video Games.
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ps3 250 gb

The new PS3 with  250 GB hard drive

You honestly didn’t think Sony would just let the PS3 stay behind the Xbox 360 in hard drive space now did you?

A few days ago we wrote about how Microsoft is making a special edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 version of the Xbox 360 with a 250 GB hard drive. Now, Sony has upped the PS3 to that same 250 GB. This should be great news for those looking for a new PS3 and for those that use the PS3 as a media center as now you got a heck of a lot more room for your pix, music, videos and PlayStation Network game downloads.

Features and looks are otherwise are the same as the recently announced 120 GB PS3, and it will be available for $350 ($50 less than the CoD 360 bundle– though you don’t get CoD included here, and only $50 more than the 120 GB PS3), when it comes out next month on November 3rd.

Info and pix from Sony.

PS3 Going 3D Next Year! September 4, 2009

Posted by Eli Blumenthal in Video Games.
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sony ps3 3d 1

MLB The Show– IN 3D!!! (pic from CNET)

Natal who? If your a PS3 owner this has got to be awesome news that is sure to make your Labor Day weekend. Sony said today that come sometime next year, the PS3 will be receiving a ? software update: play games in 3D. While it the Sony’s demo used the PS3 Slim, presumably the 3D support would include all PS3 models (they have nearly identical specifications). Better yet, its said that all existing PS3 games will take full use of the PS3’s new 3D playing capabilities. AWESOME!

However, you will need a new 3D-capable TV to play the PS3 games in 3D, but don’t worry: this is all part of Sony’s new mission to bring 3D to the home– with new Bravia LCD TV’s, Vaio PC’s, Blu-ray players, and CyberShot digital cameras all said to be going 3D next year. Yeah, pretty awesome. You’ll also need to wear some 3D glasses, though their design is unknown for now.

Engadget has the full scoop with some video of the PS3 playing Wipeout HD in 3D on a software updated PS3 Slim. But wow, 3D PS3 or an Xbox 360 with Project Natal? The decision just got a whole lot tougher, but which one would you go with?

Meet the PS3 Slim August 21, 2009

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in Video Games.
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The one on the right is much thinner. Trust me.

Like the PS2 before it, Sony has just announced the new, slimmer, cheaper, PS3 Slim. What we wrote about a few months ago has finally happened, and basically, it’s the same PS3 as the old 80 and 160 GB models that are out right now. Except it has 120 GB storage, it’s a lot Slimmer, and it costs $300. Yup, you read that line right. Three hundred bucks. For a PS3. Also, Sony dropped the price on the older models to make way for the Slim’s early September launch, making the 80 GB $300, and the 160 GB $400 (Word to the Wise – wait for the Slim: get a better, larger memory PS3 for the same $300 as the old 80 GB. But hey, it’s your call…)

Also, Sony announced a couple things for the new PSP Go!, which is still coming out in October, mainly the new “minis” games. Minis are Sony’s new section of games for the PSP, sorta like the Xbox Live Arcade or iPhone App Store. In fact… almost exactly like the iPhone App Store, seeing as Sony is working hard to get iPhone developers to port their games– including Fieldrunners, Hero of Sparta, and Minigore, some of the popular iPhone games.

That’s pretty much it for the Sony updates. So, fellow teens – is the new $300 Slim low enough for you to switch to a PS3? Sound off in the comments.

Madden NFL 10– All the Info you need to know (Wii, PSP, and PS2 versions) August 14, 2009

Posted by Eli Blumenthal in Video Games.
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madden nfl 10 wii

Ok, so a couple weeks back we wrote about the upcoming Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Now with Madden’s release coming out tonight let’s finish this preview of the next Madden game up with everything you’ll need to know if your a PS2, PSP or Wii owner. Come on, you know you wanna hit the read link to see what’s knew so watch’a waiting for? Get to it!


AT&T and T-Mobile Release Details on 2 New Phones for Each July 17, 2009

Posted by Eli Blumenthal in Cell Phones.
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tmobile-logo att-logo

Today, like all days in the world of tech, was very busy, with 2 new phones coming out soon for both AT&T (a cheap model and an amazing camera phone) and T-Mobile (an updated touchscreen and a great texting phone). So what what kind of phones are we talking about here and are they worth checking out? All the answers are a More link away.


Sony Finally Announces a Netbook– Yes, They Are Calling it a Netbook July 9, 2009

Posted by Eli Blumenthal in Computers.
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viao w black

The Sony Vaio W netbook

Meet the Sony Vaio W– Sony’s first venture into the ever growing world of netbooks (ok, in my opinion it’s the second Sony netbook– the first being the Vaio P they announced back in January, though Sony will never admit that it’s a netbook, even though it fits all the netbook descriptions). Anyways, back to the Sony Vaio W netbook. At first glance (as you can see in the pic above) this netbook definitely stands out, and is much more stylish looking than your traditional netbook that you’d find from ASUS, HP, Dell or Acer, instead keeping to the Sony Vaio style even in this smaller, cheaper model.

Beyond that nice outside design though, Sony keeps the inside to the standard netbook specs that you find on pretty much every netbook out there: 1.6 GHZ Intel Atom processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, webcam, memory card slot, Windows XP, WiFi and Bluetooth, etc. It does though have a 10.1 inch HD screen (a resolution of 1366×768– or very good and clear for a 10 inch computer screen, making viewing things like videos and pix much better and easier to do), a “chicklet” keyboard (like those found on regular Vaio’s and MacBooks) which is 86% the size of your standard keyboard, and Sony’s Vaio Media Plus software for streaming your music, movies, and pix to and from the netbook with other PC’s and the PS3.

My thoughts on this new netbook? It’s nice, but I personally am not sold on it particularly with it having a smaller than average netbook keyboard (the average netbook has about 92% size of a regular keyboard like those found on normal laptops– and trust me, from someone writing this post on a netbook– an HP Mini 2140– that extra 6% is important, especially when you’re gonna need to write a lot like with notes in school). It also is still a Sony, so don’t expect the price to be so cheap– they’re saying it will be about $500, and you can get a much better deal on a netbook with a better keyboard from one of those other companies mentioned above for well below that $500 price (Best Buy.com for example, has some pretty good deals on some solid ASUS netbooks with pretty close to the exact same specs for only $300).

Anyways, if you really want a Sony computer (or a netbook that is really more style oriented than anything else),  but never wanted to pay a “premium” price for a traditional Sony laptop, here’s your chance to pick one up when it launches sometime in mid-August in either black, white or pink.

E3 Roundup – Sony June 7, 2009

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in E3, Video Games.
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A few days ago was Sony’s E3-note, and they announced/showed off some pretty cool stuff which definitely gave Microsoft a run for it’s money.



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