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Meet the PS3 Slim August 21, 2009

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in Video Games.
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The one on the right is much thinner. Trust me.

Like the PS2 before it, Sony has just announced the new, slimmer, cheaper, PS3 Slim. What we wrote about a few months ago has finally happened, and basically, it’s the same PS3 as the old 80 and 160 GB models that are out right now. Except it has 120 GB storage, it’s a lot Slimmer, and it costs $300. Yup, you read that line right. Three hundred bucks. For a PS3. Also, Sony dropped the price on the older models to make way for the Slim’s early September launch, making the 80 GB $300, and the 160 GB $400 (Word to the Wise – wait for the Slim: get a better, larger memory PS3 for the same $300 as the old 80 GB. But hey, it’s your call…)

Also, Sony announced a couple things for the new PSP Go!, which is still coming out in October, mainly the new “minis” games. Minis are Sony’s new section of games for the PSP, sorta like the Xbox Live Arcade or iPhone App Store. In fact… almost exactly like the iPhone App Store, seeing as Sony is working hard to get iPhone developers to port their games– including Fieldrunners, Hero of Sparta, and Minigore, some of the popular iPhone games.

That’s pretty much it for the Sony updates. So, fellow teens – is the new $300 Slim low enough for you to switch to a PS3? Sound off in the comments.

E3 Roundup – Sony June 7, 2009

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A few days ago was Sony’s E3-note, and they announced/showed off some pretty cool stuff which definitely gave Microsoft a run for it’s money.



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