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Verizon Officially Announces the Motorola Droid October 28, 2009

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Moto Droid pic 5

Watch out because here comes the Droid

Verizon users, today is your lucky day. Verizon , Google and Motorola have officially announced that one of the sickest phones of the year is coming to you– and very soon. Yup, the Droid is officially coming to Verizon, and brings some new Android 2.0 awesomeness that should make more companies than Apple a little nervous.


Street View and More Coming to the iPhone November 12, 2008

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Google Street View on iPhone

If this report from Gizmodo.com is to be believed, then the answer is yes. According to this report, by November 21, Apple will release a new iPhone/iPod Touch software: Version 2.2.

What’s new about it?

  • Google Street View for Google Maps– you know, like on the T-Mobile G1 where you can view real images of certain streets? You can also see it on your computer here
  • walking directions and bus schedules in Google Maps– great for when you need a GPS to help go somewhere
  • Over-The-Air Podcast downloads- download all your podcasts straight to your phone/ iPod.

We still don’t know if the infamous absence of the Copy/Paste feature will finally be added, but the updates is only 10 days away so sit tight🙂 .

What you think- you excited for over-the-air podcast downloads and Google Street View? Would you rather see Apple add a different feature (if so what feature)? Let your voice be heard in the comments.

(Note: this is just a rumor— previous rumors said the update was coming in October; for all we know, the update might make the iPhone a webcam or something…I think somebody just started a rumor lol😉 ).

Info from Gizmodo.com, Pix from iPhoneAtlas.com


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