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Live from IDF: LoJack from Absolute Software September 29, 2009

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in Computers, IDF.
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Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 8.19.34 PM

Over our time at IDF, we had the chance to meet up with Absolute Software, the maker of the laptop recovery tool LoJack. What, you ask, is LoJack? If you’re a laptop owner probably one of the most useful pieces of software out there for laptop owners. LoJack exists because a warranty can only take you so far; what would happen if your laptop got stolen? (cue dramatic music)…

LoJack software is here to catch the thief and save the day (and more importantly, your laptop). Basically, you install the app, (most computers actually have it built in on a factory level, which allows a greater level of security – check the list here), and every so often, once you activate it by, well, buying the software, it’ll check in with LoJack on a daily basis. If you report your computer as being stolen, the program reports in more frequently, enabling LoJack, (who works with local police), to retrieve your computer. Which, as you probably realize, is pretty awesome. The more costly Premium Version has the additional feature of allowing you to remotely wipe your data on the computer, before it is returned, as a just in case feature. Also included in the premium is insurance – if they can’t get your computer back, they’ll give you up to $1000 for a new computer.

As a teenager, I think that the appeal of this is obvious – I carry my laptop everywhere, and I’d have no way of finding it if it was ever stolen. So for me, it’s pretty awesome. Thankfully, I haven’t had to try out their services, but they do note a rate of 3/4 laptops recovered.

LoJack is both Windows and Mac compatible, and costs $50 (1 year subscription) or $100 (3 years) in stores for the Standard Edition, [its cheaper on their site as a digital download], and $70 (1 year) or $120 (3 years) or the Premium Edition.

But, stick around –  later in the week, we’ll have three copies of the LoJack Premium Edition (3 years) to give away. So check back here soon!


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