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E3 Roundup – Sony June 7, 2009

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in E3, Video Games.
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A few days ago was Sony’s E3-note, and they announced/showed off some pretty cool stuff which definitely gave Microsoft a run for it’s money.

Same format as  in Microsoft and Nintendo‘s roundups, we’ll start off with games:


Sony announced several titles, as well as showed off gameplay for some previously announced titles –

MAG – Gameplay from MAG was shown off. Personally, I find MAG to be insanely cool – the concept is huge mutltiplayer FPS. How huge? 256-players at ONCE. Sony showed off a complete 256 person battle – the scale is hard to imagine – you have entire squads of actual players, fighting each other, more experienced players being tactical commanders, some in tanks, planes – this is exactly what FPS on consoles should be. I’ll be following this one closely.

Grand Turismo PSP –  Sony’s flagship racing game, finally being ported to the PSP. Launching on October 1st alongside the PSP GO! (more on that later), and the graphics are apparently incredible for a PSP game. Also, there are 800 (!) cars in the game, which can be shared with other users, to make it remotely possible to get them all, which is cool – you basically work with a buddy to unlock stuff, something which hasn’t been used so much in games.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker – Another MGS game, this one for the PSP. Takes place about 10 years after MGS 3.

Resident Evil, LittleBigPlanet, and Jak and Dexter, 3 big Song franchises, also coming to PSP. Little info was given on these games as of now though.

Picture 5

Assassin’s Creed 2 – Sony showed off some gameplay here, your now playing as Ezio, descended from Altair (the assassin from the 1st game), in Italy in the 1400s. Looks interesting, and will have special unlockables gotten by syncing with the PSP version.

FF13 – A new trailer was shown, along with some gameplay. Game still looks awesome. But that wasn’t the big Final Fantasy news….

!Final Fantasy 14 Online! – That’s right. Sony announced that the successor to the MMORPG Final Fantasy 11 would be coming out next year for the PS3. And yes, it looks cool.

God of War III – the popular God of War game, coming to the PS3 for the first time, was shown off a lot. Apparently, very similar to the 1st two, just bloodier and in HD. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.

ModNation Racers – another very interesting game from Sony, this basically is a combination of Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet – lovable Kart Racing, but almost everything in the game, from characters, to cars, to even every aspect of the track (angle of sun, scenery, etc. Also apparently super easy to use). Looks very interesting, and can’t wait to try this one out.



PSP GO! – Pictured above, the PSP GO! is the latest version of the PSP. Notable in the upgrade is the new design (controls slide out), as well as the removal of the UMD slot. Instead, you’ll have to play games either bought from PSN, or on a memory stick. Future games will apparently release on both UMD and PSN simultaneously now.  In addition, Sony has added 16 GB of memory to hold these games, as well as upgraded the Sync utility for syncing music, videos, and the like from your PC. Also, PSN videos will be able to be downloaded directly to the GO.

The PSP GO! lands in America on October 1st, for $250. Similar to Nintendo though with the dual platforms of the DSi and DS Lite, the regular PSP will still be a part of Sony’s platform.

Picture 4

Motion Sensing Controller/Wand – Seems that Sony’s also caught on to the equation of motion-sensing = $$ + awesomeness, and has debuted their own motion-sensing controller as well. Unfortunately, this is more akin to the Wii-mote then Microsoft’s Project Natal, but still looks interesting. Unlike Natal, this one still uses a controller, and has buttons on it as well. However, it is supposed to be incredibly responsive and accurate, which is cool. It also uses the PlayStation Eye for sensing. More to come in the future.

That’s pretty much it from Sony. Readers, what are you thoughts? Sony’s motion sensing controller better then Natal? Either one convincing you to buy a new console? Sound off in the comments.


1. Nik G. - June 7, 2009

Being a PS3 guy and a not so much a PSP guy, I was pretty disappointed. I mean, the only thing that was kinda cool was the motion sensing technology, but seeing the Project Natal, I feel they could have done MUCH better. All in all, I was hoping for a few better games, and something insanely awesome comparable to Natal, but, this E3 seemed to be dominated by the PSP and other titles I had never really cared about.

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