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Palm Keynote Wrap-up January 8, 2009

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The all new Palm Pre

Arguably one of the most anticipated products/operating systems coming out of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year was Palm’s “Newness.”

Palm had already dropped a few hints about it, saying that we would have a phone with a full touch screen as well as a complete slide out QWERTY keyboard. They (Palm) also told us about a completely new operating system codenamed Nova that would blow the doors off of Apple’s Mobile OS X as well as Google’s Android.

These fueled anticipations coupled with the fact that, even before a failing economy, Palm was quickly dropping out of existence, and this CES was a huge chance for the company to turn things around, potentially for the last time.

And boy did they do a great job showing that they’re back and ready to compete with the iPhone, the G1, the Storm, and pretty much whatever else may come out. They delivered a new phone, the Palm Pre, and an all-new web OS operating system. Read on to learn about both!

The Palm Pre


This new phone is simply amazing.

Not only does it have a touch screen, it also has a Blackberry-like trackball and a slide out QWERTY keyboard for all your input needs. It’s kinda cool how the keyboard slides out; it has a small curve to it making it look amazing overall.

It also comes packed with 8GB of internal memory, that’s as much as the 8 GB iPhone!

Which brings us to our next point: this phone has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, meaning that you can now load up your DRM-free music you bought from iTunes (see here), and listen to those tunes through basically any pair of headphones out there. This may not seem like a big deal, but there are tons of phones without them (G1!).

Palm has also stated that the Pre’s processor, made by Texas Instruments, allows for the Pre to have laptop-type power.

Another awesome thing about this new phone: a completely wireless phone charger. Called the Touchstone, you can simply put your phone atop it to charge. Just like that, no more cables! This alone is a major step for the consumer electronics division. Beyond all this, the Pre also has Palm’s new OS, 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Look for it to be available on Sprint sometime in the first half of 2009.

Palm's new wireless charger, the Touchstone

Palm’s new wireless charger, the Touchstone


Palm’s new OS

The homescreen of the new OS

The homescreen of the new OS

So the new Pre isn’t the only big news coming out of CES today, Palm also announced they’re all-new operating system.

This new OS is able to sync all your contacts — from your phone, Gmail, and Facebook — onto one device.

Another cool thing that I think is just awesome: if the user begins to type letters on the keyboard while on the homescreen, the phone will come up with a search of applications, contacts, etc. that begin with the typed letters.

Also, it features a blazing fast web browser and a “deck of cards” style of managing multiple applications running at once (Take that iPhone!).

Palm also added excellent touch capability; it is optimized for touching and has large icons as well as flick scrolling and gesture support– no more stylus’s on Palm phones!

All in all, this is an amazing new OS and will likely force other software makers to enhance their mobile platforms, ultimately ending with us, the consumer, with even better devices which should make us all very happy.

A screenshot of the instant search capabilities

A screenshot of the innovative instant search feature

So what you think– is the Palm Pre hot enough that you’ll jump to Sprint to get it? Would you rather have a Blackberry Bold or Storm, or maybe an iPhone 3G or T-Mobile G1? Let us know in the comments.

Info and pix from Palm.com and Engadget.com


1. Nitin - February 26, 2009

you know what this phone looks so hotttt i just got an instinct im gonna return it get boostmobile wait till this phone comes out nd jump back to them lol. thank god by one month trial period is not up yet lol

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