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Tap Defense- Review December 14, 2008

Posted by Nik G in Video Games.
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Okay, so as you probably know by now, there are several, no thousands of games available for the iPhone/iPod Touch from the App Store. After having my iPod for about a month now, I’ve downloaded/played most of the cool, top games out there, only to be a little sad when I beat it or when it lost it’s funness after an hour of play.

There’s one game I’ve been playing, however, that is not only the best I’ve ever played, but also free: Tap Defense.

Similar to the wildly popular desktop tower defense games, the object is to build and upgrade towers so that you can prevent demons and other hellish creatures from making it to Heaven. It really is an awesome concept and is pretty easy to learn.

Also, it takes some time to play a full round (up to 42 levels) so it’s very difficult to grow bored of this game.

All in all, this really is a fun, exciting game that will make that long, boring ride to see your family over the holidays much more enjoyable. I highly recommend it.


So what do you think? Are you gonna get it? Do you already have it and know some strategies to get past level 34? (I just can’t beat it!) Let us know in the comments!

TapDefense (Link To iTunes Store page)


1. Vyse - December 18, 2008

So freaking hard!!! On easy I can’t get passed level 34. Have some strategy to offer? I pride myself in being great at tower defense games but I just can’t seem to figure out the pattern here. Seems the most success comes from building your income% and building off the interest but it seems as I annialate everything one wave will come through and smoke me – ugh!

2. Nik G. - December 18, 2008


I certainly feel your pain, it’s so tough! I kinda have a good strategy, I got to lvl 36 with it!
1. Build ONLY arrow towers to begin with – about 4; upgrade fully ASAP
2. Use your first 2-3 halos on interest rates, after that, get Magic, Ice, and Storm. Then get another interest rate hike, then go for Earthquake.
3. I know it sounds cheesy and they tell you it in the game but a fully upgraded tower is much better than many 1 lvl towers.
4. Make sure to keep money in the bank, as much as you can, so that you gain a lot of $ off of interest rates.

Well, I hope that helps! Come back by with anymore questions or comments, not just about Tap Defense!

3. brett - January 1, 2009

Its easy, i can clear easy with only ten towers. save up early on to get cash, then get storm, ice, magic, make sure towers are fully upgraded and bomb towers are placed correctly, where they can it targets multiple times.

4. Joel - August 29, 2009

This game would be good if it didn’t crash on starup everytime….don’t waste you time….

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