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Latest Updates to PS3 and PSP August 26, 2008

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in Video Games.
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Sony recently announced updates to the Sony PS3 and PSP lines.

Regarding the PS3:

  • A new package was announced that brings a new 160 GB PS3 (Over the new- though now old- 80 GB), a copy of Drakes Fortune, a voucher for the Playstation Network game called Pain, and a Dualshock 3 (the new PS3 controller that has rumble)- for $500 in October.
  • A  new wireless keyboard that can be attached to the top of a controller was announced- similar to the Xbox 360’s chatpad. However this can also be used to wirelessly pair with any device via Bluetooth and used as a keyboard for it (i.e. paiing it with your phone and using this as a full keyboard).

Regarding PSP:

  • Despite its age (there hasn’t been a “new” PSP 2 since it launched- a couple years ago), Sony announced another new model of PSP, the PSP-3000, which takes the already spectacular screen and kicks it up another notch by making it even brighter, adds a built in microphone for in game chat, as well as Skype calling. This will all be launching in October for $199.

The New PSP 3000

Theres the little update for you. What you think- you gonna hold off that PS3/PSP buy for a little bit longer and get one of these updated systems, or do you find the updates unimportant and will buy the exsisting versions, or will you buy a DS, Wii, 360 or PS2 instead? Let us know in the comments.


1. zev - August 26, 2008

i have herd 1 dissapointing detail bout the ps3 i herd its a 40gb model with 160gb memory in other wors it has no sd drive or flash drive for importing pics

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