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Basic Computer Terms December 19, 2007

Posted by Chaim Gartenberg in Computers, Tech Terms.
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To start out, we’re going to introduce some basic computer terms that we’ll be using frequently to describe things on the site. Just as a side note, most computer terms are acronyms:

OS-Operating System: An OS is the main software of the computer. The most common ones are Mac OS X (Tiger and Leopard) and Windows (XP and Vista)

vista-logo.jpg windows-xp.jpg

CPU – Central Processing Unit: Effectively the brains of the computer. It is the main processor of the computer meaning that it controls the main functions of the computer.

RAM – Random Access Memory: A non-persistent (doesn’t stay when the computer shuts off) form of memory. Is where the programs are kept when they are open on a computer.

Hard Drive – The main persistent (information stays even when computer is turned off) memory of most computers. This is where everything, from files (music, videos, pictures, documents etc.) to programs (iTunes, AIM, Internet Explorer, Games etc.) are stored.

Hardware: Physical parts of the computer, such as the screen, keyboard, and mouse.

Software: Programs and digital parts of the computer.

Firmware: Software for the hardware, such as the software that allows the CPU to interact with the computer.

Flash Memory: Persistant solid-state memory like hard drives but with no moving parts). This is much more reliable then hard drvies, which have moving parts, but are currently much more expensive (Example: 16 GB (Flash) iPod Touch- $399, 160 GB (Hard Drive) iPod Classic- $350.


iPods Classic and Touch


1. seth - May 4, 2008

whats 1 GB of DDR2 memory mean to me? and how much of that should i get? how can i customize a computer? and if i am customizing it what do i need?

2. Eli Blumenthal - May 4, 2008

1 GB of DDR2 memory to you is how fast your computer will do tasks like start up, open programs, how quick you’ll be able to open other programs when some are running, and do things like play games, listen to music, and watch videos. I’m assuming your getting Windows Vista, and if that is the case I would recommend getting at least 2 GB’s and depending on what your doing like playing a lot of intense video games, I would recommend possibly even more like 3-4 GB. With your question on where to customize your computer, you can do that at many different sites like Dell.com, Hp.com among other computer makers.

With your question on what you need, I would need a little more info to tell you what will be best (are you using it mostly for school with some music and games on the side, mainly for games and music, little of each, etc.), but I think some of the best options for the little bit of each are an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with at least 2.0-2.2 GHZ, Vista Home Premium, and that 2 GB of RAM, and a dedicated video card from a company like ATI or Nvidia.

3. Akindele - May 27, 2009

Sometimes ago I Installed some pdf files and videos and copied them to my desktop.Later I decided that I would create a single file for all which I did.some moments after then I had a break from my source of power supply.After renewing my power back I started my computer back and tried to open the file but I could not see the file any longer.But there is something I remember I did to the file I hid it.by clicking d properties and located the hide box.But now for me to locate where I hid it is my major concern.I had searched evry where but not able to.Pls help me finding a solution.

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